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Printing Falls Among Struggling Industries
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Printing Falls Among Struggling Industries

A recent survey conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics on the country’s jobs landscape has developed a picture of how a decline in manufacturing is likely to affect certain industries in the next decade. The report says that much of the next decade’s employment growth is expected to be in services industries such as health care services or business services, which are projected to make up a whopping 96% of the increase in new employment.
Newspaper publishers fall in the 7th place in the list of top ten struggling industries. The government estimates that within the decade that number will dwindle by nearly 25%, to 245,000. Printing and related support activities come in the fifth position, with job losses expected to fall 16%, bringing the number down to 500,000. The list of risky jobs also includes department stores, semiconductor manufacturing, auto parts manufacturing, postal services, cut and sew apparel manufacturing, mining activities, gasoline stations and wired telecommunication carriers.


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